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Our Mission

Computers are an essential part of our lives.  We rely on them everyday, whether it is for school, work, socializing or storing our most personal and valuable data.  With the heavy demand for technology, we need a complete, timely, and affordable repair when our computers and devices break down.  At Click-it Solutions we provide a friendly, quick and comprehensive technology solution. We can also provide other technological services not listed on our website.  Our goal is to support any technical needs you may have.

Our Story

Click-it Solutions started in May 2012. Its founders Mark Demers and some friends as a group saw that most computer repair services were overpriced and slow, not to mention the customer’s service offered was less than friendly. Collectively they wished to change that. Offering quick service, competitive pricing, and exemplary service Click-it Solutions will change the way you think of computer repair. We are professionals who care about the service you are provided with.

“If moral behavior were simply following rules, we could program a computer to be moral.”

-Samuel P. Ginder


We promise to help you with your computer needs in any way possible; if we cannot personally resolve your issue we will guide you to others who can.


Customer satisfaction is our priority: we will offer friendly and comprehensive service at a competitive rate.


All of your data is kept private. It’s your personal information and it will stay that way unless it violates any laws.


We do not hide our costs. A chart showing our services and fees is available on our website under the section pricing.


We believe in integrity: when we call you with our diagnostic report, we will inform you of the full cost of repairs. Furthermore, no work will be done on your device without your consent: it’s your computer, it’s your money, it’s your decision.