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Residential Services

 We provide a wide array of onsite and remote services for our residential clients.

We Provide High Quality Solutions So You Can Focus On Your Tasks

Device Repair & Troubleshooting

We will diagnose and provide a solution to fix your systems software and/or hardware issues. We will never fix anything without providing a quote and receiving confirmation from our customers.

Hardware Troubleshooting

We will inspect all the hardware on your computer to determine what happened and how to fix it. If we need to replace some hardware we will provide full details and weigh it against replacing the laptop. We always want the best solution for our customers.

Software Troubleshooting

Having a problem with Windows, Mac or a specific software? We can diagnose the issue and resolve the problem as quickly as possible for you.


Does your computer not have enough resources or need to upgrade to a newer operating system? We can assess your computer versus your needs to make recommendations and get your system working at its desired level.

Malware Removal

We will fully remove any malware, clean any remaining problems and upgrade your system to help prevent future malware. Your computer will be running like new!


Ransomeware locked your machine or data up? We will analyze the extent of the compromise, find the best solution to remove the ransomware and attempt to recover as much data as possible.

Viruses & Spyware

Computer slowing down from a possible virus or spyware? We will take a deep look at your system and remedy all infections discovered. Not only that we will clean up anything else possibly slowing down your computer.

Malware Secuirty

Computers are like people, they can get sick. That is why we need to secure them using Antimalware and Firewall software. Vist our software page and learn more about Avast Security options from Click-it Solutions.

Custom Desktop Builds

We can design and customize a desktop computer for your media, gaming, or other needs. We can build a custom computer for your needs that fits your budget.


Need an upgrade to compete at a higher level? We can help by building a customized desktop to fit your needs and budget.

Photography/Recording/Video Editing

Need a custom system to help you with your business or hobby? Let us build one out for you that suits your perfect needs and runs your specialized software like a breeze.

Network Repair, Design and Management

We design an implement residential and small business network infrastructure to suit your needs at a competitive price.

Overpaying on Your Internet Bill?

Do you think your Internet bill is too high? Let us take a look at ways we can save you money long term. With getting your own modem, router or reducing your bandwidth to match your needs, you can save money every month.

Home Network Help

Is your home network too slow or just not what you hoped it would be? We can assess your current network versus your needs. Then make recommendations and implement a network that fits all your needs that is also it secure and reliable.

Need a Network Upgrade?

Need a more advanced network for your home or in home business? We can provide an much needed upgrade to get your network upgraded to be able to handle all your complex needs.

Wireless Network Design and Managment

We will survey, find problems, fix settings or install new or additional equipment to create comprehensive wireless coverage for your home or business.

Managed Wireless

Want a complete secure and comprehensive Wi-Fi solution, but do not have time to manage it? Let Click-it Solutions provide a solutions managed by us so you can connect securely without worry.

Poor Wi-Fi

Have poor Wi-Fi quality or coverage in your home? We can stop in survey the current wireless experience and provide a resolution to fix all your problems.

Secure Wi-Fi

Not sure if your wireless network is secured correctly. We can review your networks setup and make changes to improve your overall wireless security.

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