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Unifi Network Management Changes


We will be changing our Unifi Network Management changing the structure, adding new features and services. The new plan will be the Unifi Cloud Plus plan, however current customers will be automatically enrolled into a new legacy plan.


The new plan will provide our customers with more value and services to keep their network running smoothly.


Beginning 9/1/2024 all current customers will be converted to the new Legacy plan. All new customers going forward will be subscribed to the Plus plan. Price changes will take affect for Legacy customers beginning 9/1/2024.

Featured Updates

Basic Maintenance

Need us to check some settings or make a simple configuration change. That is all covered by your subscription. We can change your Wi-Fi password or take a quick look th ensure your settings are set correctly.

Internet Uplink Monitoring

We will monitor and set up alerts for your connection to the Internet. This will allow us to respond quickly to potential issues and check for local outages on your behalf.

Monthly Configuration Backup

Regular monthly backups of your networks configuration. In the case of a router failure or corruption this backup can be utilized to quickly set the router back up. Greatly reducing the time your network is down.

Discounts on Replacement or Additional Hardware

We will provide a 10% discount to any replacement equipment if your current equipment fails. Additionally, we will provide a 5% discount on any additional Unifi Network equipment you add in the future.

Unifi Network Management

*Additional devices can be covered for $10 more per device, per year.


What plan will I get?

All new customers will be enrolled in the Unifi Cloud Plus. All existing customer will be enrolled in Unifi Cloud Legacy.

Is the price of my plan changing?

Yes, if you are a current customer you will be transfered to the new Legacy plan and the price will increase $10 ($60/yr).

What is the Reduced Service Rate?

Unifi Cloud Plus plan member will have a reduced hourly service rate of $50/hour. Our standard rate is $75/hour.

When will I receive my upgrade?

Current customer plans will automatically convert to the Legacy plan starting July 1st. However, prices for current member will not increase until 10/1/2024. All renewals after this date will be charged at the price of the Legacy plan.

I would like to upgrade to the Unifi Cloud Plus Plan?

If you would like to upgrade from the Legacy plan to the Plus plan, just reach out to our team using the form at the bottom of this page. We will be happy to assist you.

What is the Reduced Hourly Minimum?

Click-it’s standard service minimum is 1 hour. Unifi Cloud Plus members will be able to take advantage of a 30 minute minimum allowing you to save more when you need quick help.

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